Quality Assurance Services

Do you have specific needs for Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance Services

Go Nimble in Releasing High-Performing Applications

Are you seeking to develop quality products and applications with faster time-to-market? KWARGS approach to design and development, integrated with DevSecOps, is bespoke to business need and considers all aspects, from functionality and optimization to security. And to top that, our automation-driven, cost-optimized, and risk-mitigated quality assurance and testing framework follows industry best practices and ensures delivering high-performing products and applications.

What Do We Equip You With?

Mobile Applications

Automation Testing

The mobile app testing framework of KWARGS is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. Automate end-to-end tests at scale with support for multiple languages and cross-platform development.

Web Applications

Automation Testing

Our web application testing framework integrates seamlessly with all kinds of operating systems and browsers. Benefit from cross-application development, load testing, and API access to accelerate the process at a low cost.

Unit Testing

Functionality Testing

Validate whether the code units, namely statements, methods, loops, or functions, run perfectly as expected.

High-Level Acceptance Testing

Functionality Testing

Ensure smooth running of critical system functionalities post-implementation of new features into the code.

Performance Testing

Functionality Testing

Make sure that applications meet the optimal speed, resource usage, response time, stability, and resilience under peak workloads.

Usability Testing

Functionality Testing

Gain confidence in applications by testing them on target users and mitigate any underlining bugs or errors with expert recommendations.

API Testing

Generate sophisticated yet flexibly reusable and maintainable tests to develop highly reliable, secure, and robust applications. Test core functionalities of applications with easy GUI integration while eliminating language dependency. Our well-structured methodology of API testing saves time and ensures that the project is on the right trajectory through to the end.

Smoke Testing

Achieve early identification and resolution of issues in near real-time during development, thereby saving time, effort, and resources. Reduce integration with an end-to-end testing process to improve the quality of applications even as ensuring that all functionalities run without interferences.

Exploratory Testing

Our manual and automated exploratory testing services make sure that business processes are more optimized and strategic, following an investigative approach. Categorize the defects in applications, craft a strategic roadmap, perform periodic testing, and analyze test results to compare with a prime reference for the elimination of unnecessary test steps.

Ad-Hoc Testing

When unsure of the magnitude of tests required for applications, undertake our ad-hoc testing approach for a specific time period or depending on the frequency and demand. This includes the range of our quality assurance testing fit into a model that best suits the business requirements.

Regression Testing

Ensure that the functionalities of existing applications don’t get disrupted due to code changes performed recently. Our regression testing framework follows DevSecOps processes and best practices to automate the test steps using advanced analytics and sophisticated tools for real problem-solving for businesses.

Tools We Use

TestLink JIRA JAMA AWS Device Farm Azure DevOps (ADO)